Bathing suit season leaves even the most trim and fit men and women scrutinizing themselves in the mirror.  Before you spend another summer in cover-ups or tee shirts, camouflaging areas you would rather not expose, check out two new procedures directed at contouring and spot reduction (UltraShape) and skin laxity and mild cellulite (VelaShape.)  These are our newest devices in the realm of body contouring at The Med Spa and are innovative state of the art technology.

UltraShape: Targets and contours unwanted fat deposits on the abdomen and thighs and is safe, non-invasive and does not harm skin, nerves or blood vessels. This utilizes ultrasound pulses to reduce fat cell deposition by 32%, no down time is involved.

VelaShape: Uses four technologies to remodel skin laxity and diminish mild cellulite.  Heat modalities and vacuum suction promote new structural support for skin and reduce bumpy areas.

Both can be used individually or in conjunction and usually involve three treatments for each targeted area.

Davie Dermatology and The Med Spa is proud to be the pioneer practice in our area to offer these unique UltraShape/VelaShape Power products as part of our array of comprehensive services for our Med Spa clientele.  Consistent with our commitment to excellence, consultations are complimentary, discrete and candid.  A financing plan is also available so you won’t deplete your vacation fund!  Call for an appointment and look forward to a sunnier summer!

Written by Debra C. Sizemore, PA-C