If you’ve ever considered having laser hair removal to permanently get rid of unwanted body hair, winter is the perfect time to do it. “But wait,” you might be saying, “I’m not even wearing short skirts right now, let alone a bikini. Why would I care about unwanted hair?”

True, many women shave less often during the winter months. After all, the bathing suits, sleeveless dresses and shorts are hibernating in the closet, replaced by jeans, scarves and heavy winter coats. But before you know it, summer will be back, and when you pull out all those pretty summer dresses you’ll be back to shaving, spending valuable time just on personal hygiene when you would much rather be doing other things. According to Statistic Brain, women spend about 10 minutes shaving, and shave an average of 12 times a month. With laser hair removal you never waste time shaving again.

Rather than waiting until spring, when the thoughts of skin-baring fashions make you wish for an easier way to deal with unwanted hair, we recommend coming in for treatments now. Here are a few reasons why December, or any time in winter, is a great time for laser hair removal.

  • Tan-Free Skin. It is recommended that you stay out of the sun for at least four weeks before and after laser hair removal sessions. Having a tan increases the chance of side effects such as hyperpigmentation. By now your summer tan has probably faded, creating an optimal time for laser hair removal type treatments.
  • To Hide any Side Effects. It is recommended that clients schedule anywhere from 4-6 sessions for laser hair removal in order to get the results they desire, because laser hair removal is only effective during the anagen (growth phase) of the hair cycle. Not every follicle will be removed in just one treatment. Also, clients sometimes experience a little redness and swelling the first few hours after a treatment. Applying ice can help relieve the discomfort.
  • Avoiding Sun Exposure. Not only are you supposed to stay out of the sun before a treatment, this advice goes for after treatments as well to avoid the risk of discoloration. Again making winter the optimal time to start treatments.

If you plan now to start laser hair removal, there is plenty of time to get in three to four sessions before spring. You’ll be able to use the tan-free time to your advantage, covering up your legs with pants and tights to hide any prickly redness or shedding, so that by the time warm weather arrives you’re ready to show off your baby-soft, smooth skin.

Contact The Med Spa today to make your appointment and get started on a process that will help you feel more confident and free up your time, so that you can concentrate on the important things in life.