But Were Afraid to Ask

Have you noticed how some friends seem to look a lot less “tired” than they used to? Does it seem like facial wrinkles are preventing your true beauty from shining through?

Davie Dermatology and The Med Spa offer Botox (botulinum toxins) treatments to reduce wrinkles caused by dynamic muscle movement, like smiling and squinting. We often combine this treatment with dermal fillers, or soft tissue augmentation, which contain hyaluronic acids to plump the skin back to its previous volume.

If you’ve been curious about how Botox and fillers reduce wrinkles and restore facial volume, we invite you to a Botox and Fillers Lunch and Learn on Friday, June 1, at Davie Dermatology and The Med Spa. Join our skin care professionals for a catered lunch and information session on how Botox and fillers work. Dr. Kelly Barham, Kelly Crawford, PA-C, and Carol Grabow, PA-C will cover Botox and filler basics, answer questions, and provide a live Botox demonstration.

Davie Dermatology and The Med Spa is Winston-Salem’s choice for injectables, skin care, and medical skin treatment. Our Botox and Fillers Lunch and Learn is not just for current clients; all are welcome to attend and to hear about exciting plans that are in the works at Davie Dermatology and The Med Spa. RSVP here, or contact us to reserve your place.


This event has ended, if you missed it no need to worry! You can still schedule a cosmetic consultation for a one-on-one session with a provider. The modest consultation fee can be fully applied to the related cosmetic treatment.