In June of 2021, an independent company tested numerous sunscreens for a chemical called benzene. Benzene is not supposed to be in sunscreen, it is a contaminant and a potential carcinogen. Several aerosolized sprays and gels tested were found to contain trace amounts of benzene.

We do not know if this small amount of benzene can increase your risk for cancer. But we do know that the sun’s UV radiation causes skin cancer.

Our recommendation is to keep using sunscreen! But check your sunscreen to make sure it is not on the benzene containing list (see below for the link to this list). Do not use these sunscreens until we have more information available.

One sunscreen we sold prior in our office, EltaMD Aero Spray, was on this benzene containing list. If you purchased this product from us we are happy to refund or replace this for you. Please call our Med Spa at 336-940-3875 to coordinate this.

The study is available from Valisure HERE as well as other resources.